Acupuncture for Health Circle

Having been educated and trained in the art of acupuncture in China, the concept of a holistic approach to good health through acupuncture is a central part of my culture. My over twenty-five years experience in China and at my own acupuncture clinic in New York have allowed me to develop my philosophy of Total Balance.

Your health is the MOST important thing for you and your family and it is for that reason that I have created the Acupuncture for Health Circle, which I hope you will consider of joining.

While our fee for regular visits is $75.00, by joining the Acupuncture for Health Circle at the various levels listed below, you can take advantage of these significant savings. As a member of this circle, your family and friends can enjoy the same benefits.

I would love to welcome you as a member of the Acupuncture for Health Circle.

Dr. Yue Wang O.M.D. L.Ac